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Online + Hybrid Courses

Learn the theory online at your own pace so you’re ready to join in at the next live workshop.  Our advanced courses feature a hybrid model – complete with assessed homework, community, and live Q&A session.


“A New Paradigm in Riding” – An Introduction to Ride from Within

This 3-part course introduces the basic theory and principles of Ride from within and what makes it a new paradigm in riding.


“You Are the Solution” – Beginning to Ride From Within

This 4-week online course will teach you how to begin to apply the new paradigm in your own riding.


The Seat is Everything

The rider’s seat is widely accepted as “everything” in upper levels of virtually all disciplines in riding but rarely is the “how to” clearly defined or taught. In this 6-week course you will learn exactly what your seat is and how to use it.

Teaching Feel

Teaching Feel

“Feel” is widely accepted in the riding world as a mystical “gift” of the lucky few or is developed over years of riding many horses for many hours a day. In Ride from Within we know “feel’ can be taught and we teach it from the start. In this 6-week course you will learn what “feel” is and how to access and develop your innate ability.


The Magic Circle

Riding an accurate and perfect circle, turning a corner or achieving “bend” in your horse can be a hit or miss affair and in the modern mainstream riding world is always taught using the external aids of inside rein and outside leg, with “looking where you are going” to generally address the quality and shape of your turn or circle. In this 6-week course we take all the mystery out of riding a circle and you will learn to execute them perfectly and accurately, every time, with powerful internal aids that make it so effortless you will think you are using magic.


Hear it from riders who have experienced our training.


Each of our courses – whether you’re a beginner or experienced – is designed and delivered by James himself and is a culmination of 25 years of experience teaching many thousands of riders at al levels and in all disciplines to effectively and efficiently help you learn the theory and art of riding from within.


Our annual six-week Foundation courses include not only live webinars with Q&A, but also homework tailored for you to practice what you’ve learned with on-going support and feedback from James.


With your Mastery membership, you’ll get access to hours of audio and video resources, a monthly teaching webinar as well as an invite to the exclusive Facebook community.

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What is Ride from Within?

Simply put, the problem is separation.

The solution is Unity, true connection with your horse at a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.  Our completely new and paradigm-shifting way of seeing the horse/rider partnership comes from a deeper understanding of rider biomechanics that goes way beyond the widely accepted and popular understanding of how the body can, and is, designed to move. Using rotations to deal with the external forces of the horse and gravity rather than simple leverage, we achieve true balance in motion so that we are no longer a hindrance to the horse but moving as One with it. 

Transform Your Riding

James' knowledge comes from the application of ancient, almost forgotten, principles that govern healthy, balanced movement within the natural laws your horse lives by.

Challenge Convention

Most of us do not understand what "being balanced" means or that in our daily lives and in riding we are actually constantly “keeping our balance”. They are literally two different worlds and which one you dwell in and move from is immediately recognizable to your horse, who is the Master of balanced movement. When you change your horse changes. Usually instantly, 100% of the time.

Connection on All Levels

James Shaw's methods, totally unique in the riding world teach you precisely how to connect deeply on a physical level with your horse, the gateway to complete connection on all levels of Being. how to get that pure physical connection with your horse - which leads to connection on all levels.

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