Intro Courses

This course offers a basic grounding in the theory and principles of Ride From Within and why we can call it a “new paradigm” in riding.  Just as we once thought the world was flat, this course will teach you James’s paradigm-shifting new findings and information that will invite you to change your perspective and see the world is actually round, for the benefit of the health and longevity of both horse and rider.


“A New Paradigm in Riding” – An Introduction to Ride from Within

This 3-part course introduces the basic theory and principles of Ride from within and what makes it a new paradigm in riding.

Beginner Courses

These courses dive a little deeper into the theory of the new paradigm and include theory combined with practical exercises to implement in your riding.


“You Are the Solution” – Beginning to Ride From Within

This 4-week online course will teach you how to begin to apply the new paradigm in your own riding.

Foundation Courses

Designed for those familiar with the Ride from Within practice who want to immerse in further teaching and practice.  These are 6-week online courses, each run once per year with live support.  You must have completed Intro + Beginner courses to enroll.


The Magic Circle

Riding an accurate and perfect circle, turning a corner or achieving “bend” in your horse can be a hit or miss affair and in the modern mainstream riding world is always taught using the external aids of inside rein and outside leg, with “looking where you are going” to generally address the quality and shape of your turn or circle. In this 6-week course we take all the mystery out of riding a circle and you will learn to execute them perfectly and accurately, every time, with powerful internal aids that make it so effortless you will think you are using magic.

Teaching Feel

Teaching Feel

“Feel” is widely accepted in the riding world as a mystical “gift” of the lucky few or is developed over years of riding many horses for many hours a day. In Ride from Within we know “feel’ can be taught and we teach it from the start. In this 6-week course you will learn what “feel” is and how to access and develop your innate ability.


The Seat is Everything

The rider’s seat is widely accepted as “everything” in upper levels of virtually all disciplines in riding but rarely is the “how to” clearly defined or taught. In this 6-week course you will learn exactly what your seat is and how to use it.

Mastery Membership

Looking for more? 

Open to all students who have completed our Introduction, Beginner, and at least one Foundation Course, check out our Mastery Circle, giving you exclusive access to:

  • Monthly instructional support
  • Live access to James and our community of experienced, dedicated students we call “family”
  • Hundreds of hours of video and audio in our constantly updated library
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