“A New Paradigm in Riding” – An Introduction to Ride from Within

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  • 3 Video lessons explaining the basic theory and principles of Ride from Within
  • Introduction to the basic theory and principles of Ride from Within
  • The first course in the Online Academy curriculum and a pre-requisite to “You Are the Solution”, our 4 week beginner course.


We claim that Ride from Within is a “new paradigm” in riding. The definition of a new paradigm is “new findings that completely change the way people think about or interact with something”. This course sets out to present these new findings and give context to groundbreaking nature of them.

In Part I of this introductory course, James explains the existing paradigm, and why things are “the way they are”. All riders are faced with the natural forces inherent in all disciplines of riding; that of gravity pushing down and the horse pushing up. These two forces have to be managed by the rider constantly whether we are consciously aware of it or not. In the existing paradigm there has only ever been one “way” available to deal with these forces to “keep” our balance on the horse whatever job we are asking of him or her.

In Part II, James will teach you the only options you have available to you in the existing paradigm and why they inhibit and limit the natural connection and movement available in the horse/rider partnership and ultimately wear down the physical bodies of both.

In Part III James reveals his new findings that will give you a new understanding of how these natural forces can be dealt with differently so that the rider can “be balanced” effortlessly by bringing in a 3rd dimension of movement to the rider’s pelvis, already naturally present in the horse, which allows us to receive and redirect the power of the horse and gravity in a spiral, as nature intended. Riding in this way results in a truly balanced, effortless, healthy movement in horse and rider which promotes longevity and eliminates back pain and other injuries/painful symptoms associated with the seemingly “inevitable’ wearing down in the backs, knees and hips in riders and in the backs, stifle and hocks of horses.

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