The Magic Circle

The Secrets to Accurate, Effortless Turning, Circles, & Bend

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  • Course begins February 20, 2022
  • Six week hybrid class
  • Weekly live video seminar with Q&A
  • Weekly homework video lessons
  • Private Facebook Group to connect and post Homework


Every week kicks off with a live seminar delivered by James. The week’s theory is delivered in a one-hour lecture followed by an opportunity to ask James questions for 45 minutes. You will have access to Homework videos that will explain and demonstrate your homework practice for the week. Your homework will comprise both ground work for your body and mounted work. You have the option to post your homework videos in your private Facebook Group which will be given written assessment and personal fixes by James.

Week 1 – Founding Principles to Turning, Bending & Circles

Ride from Within is a new paradigm in riding and in this introductory week you will learn why it is so different to the mainstream approach and why the aids to bend and turn that you will learn, “speak” to your horse in a language they understand and can answer effortlessly and in natural balance. 

Week 2 – Turning

In week 2 you will learn the “how to” secrets of timing, weight aid and position to turn your horse exactly when and where you want to.

Week 3 – Circles

Week 3 takes the new skills you learned in week 1 & 2 and applies them to turning continuously, to form the perfect circle of any size.

Week 4 – Bending

Taking the building blocks we learned in all previous weeks we take a deep look at Bending in isolation, without turning, on a straight line which is the foundation and beginnings of all lateral work.

Week 5 – Trouble Shooting

By now you will have come face to face with the most common problems that arise when learning the work in this course. In Week 5 James will present “the usual suspects” that you can use to troubleshoot and find out for yourself, when you do not get that effortless turn or circle.

Week 6 – Q&A

Week 6 is entirely dedicated to your questions and your shares, which you will have by the bucket load if you successfully completed your homework! James always delivers in-depth answers that get straight to the heart of your most pertinent questions. Always hugely educational, this session brings the community together as we benefit from each other’s experience, insight, a-ha’s and problems, solidifying what we learned on this amazing journey together.

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