“You Are the Solution” – Beginning to Ride From Within

$97 for lifetime access


  • 4 Week Online Training
  • Weekly tutorials with homework videos
  • 2 Audio lessons to listen while you ride
  • 1 Guided audio lesson to re-train your body’s alignment in the ground
  • Pre-requisite to in-person clinics and Foundation Courses


“You are the Solution” empowers you as a rider to BE the solution to your ridden problems. In 25 years of observing and teaching horses and riders, James can honestly state that when you change, your horse changes. This happens, in his experience, 100% of the time. Our Beginner online course is designed to change your fundamental habits that unconsciously affect your horse and replace them with the basic skills you need to be consciously, powerfully influential and Ride from Within.  Intended to be completed in 4 Weeks but can be done in your own time at your own pace. 

Each week comprises a theory video + Homework exercises to be done on the ground and in the saddle on each of the basic skills. Audio lessons accompany Week 1 – 3.

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