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October Mastery Webinar: “Sit Deep”

“Sit Deep” – James reveals the secrets that will take this from wishful thinking into a reality for you. In this webinar James brings our attention to a hidden moment in your horses’ stride that will deepen your seat and your awareness and when applied, will make a permanent difference to your connection with your horse.

Opening/Closing the Back of Heart

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Seminar 1 – The 3 Dimensional Seat

In this first lecture James lays the foundation for the other two by reviewing the 3 dimensional seat, as it applies to transitions. Unique to Ride From Within, James will clearly outline the essential elements that must be in place and are an absolute pre-requisite in order to ride effortless transitions. Followed by Q&A

Seminar 1 – Changing Your Beliefs

We limit ourselves on the ground and in the saddle by believing what we think about what we feel and perceive about our horses and our physical bodies, subconsciously blocking and sabotaging our true connection with our horse. In this lecture James shines a light on our often subconscious mental/emotional habits that are blocks to …

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